Wellbeing Support in Berkshire

The Forward Thinking Therapist

Contact - Karen Smith

Website - https://theforwardthinkingtherapist.com

Facebook - @KarenSmith

Email - forwardthinkingtherapies@outlook.com


The Well Woman Network

Contact - Karen Smith

Website - 

Facebook - @thewellwomannetwork

Email - thewellwomannetwork@outlook.com


It's About Time

Mental Health Community Drop In

Contact - Sarah Sylvester

Website - https://www.windowtomyworld.co.uk

Facebook - @itsabouttimewokingham


Unlock Your Wellbeing

Inspirational well-being and mental health training and talks.

Contact - Anne-Marie Gawen

Website - www.unlockyourwellbeing.co.uk

Email - anne-marie@unlockyourwellbeing.co.uk

Alison Relax Kids

Supporting children & young people to shine. Be their best self. Tools to find their inner calm, manage anxiety, raise self-esteem whilst having fun.

Contact - Alison Mitchell Sellers

Website - http://www.relaxkids.com/coach.aspx?id=1583

Facebook - @alisonrelaxkidswokingham

Twitter - @AlisonWokingham

Instagram - @alisonrelaxkids_wokinghamareas


Yoga with Jude

Contact - Jude Bell

Website - https://yogawithjude.wordpress.com/

Facebook - Yoga with Jude 


Depression Xpression

Contact - Kevin Barry Hood

Website - https://depressionxpression.org.uk/

Facebook - @Depressionxpression

Email - depressionxpression@gmail.com